James’ Mock Draft 2.0 Featuring a Deep Sleeper

I have had the mock draft itch lately. Do you know how good it feels to load up Yahoo Fantasy again?

I decided to do things different this time. I decided to go WR heavy and not draft a running back until the 6th round.

I stacked this draft with young boom talent, but there’s one player on there that I am beyond optimistic about, but we will get into that later.


Devante Adams and Keenan Allen seem like a no brainer to me. I expect Adams to keep up his production because he is the only target they have, but I expect Allen’s value to sky rocket. New QB that can air it out? I think Herbert will focus in on Allen and increase the attempts.

DK, is one of my favorite young players right now. You don’t know this, but that hurt me to say. I HATE Ole Miss. back to relevance, DK’s numbers should increase this year as he progresses into his second year. They started utilizing him more at the end of the year and I expect that to carry over.

Mims and Ruggs III. These are great players that are in rough positions. Mims looks like he is going to be the #1 in New York, but Sam Darnold needs to take a big step for Mims value to boom.

Ruggs is in a similar boat. Vegas is a mess and they haven’t even kicked off. They have been looking for a #1, but they have such uncertainty under center. Ruggs will have better numbers if Carr is out there, which is weird to say, but true.

A lot of people are going to shy away from Christian Kirk this year and they are all idiots. He will shine as the #2 in Arizona. Think of how well Will Fuller did with Hopkins. Hopkins opens the field for players like Kirk.


For drafting late, I love the running backs in this mock.

Cam Akers is going to eat in LA, D’andre Swift will be a huge part of Detroit’s offense, and AJ Dillion will get goal line touchdowns and is a solid flex, but I have to point out my favorite sleeper on the board. Antonio Gibson.

Antonio Gibson came out of Memphis this year and boy was he slept on. He is a WR/RB and even did kick returns. He is explosive in the back field and breaks away from coverage beautifully. This dude averaged 11.2 yards per carry in his senior year.

He also has weird dimensions for a RB. He is 6’0 228 and fast as all hell. I invite you to watch any of his footage from college and try to figure out why he slipped to the third round.

He was Drafted by the Redskins and if you look at their backfield he has an opportunity. AP is old and Guice’s knees are made of twigs. If Guice gets hurt, watch for Gibson go boom.

Even if he doesn’t get the chance in the backfield. Ron Rivera can flex him to WR and have a versatile slot.

The rest of the picks explain themselves so I’m not going to go too deep, but let me know how I did!

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