James Conner has Owned Social Media the Past Two Weeks

Besides the very obvious issue at hand, James Conner has dominated Social media the past two weeks.

A week ago James Conner posted this photo.

He had the entire male population of Pittsburgh questioning their sexuality over a Dorito. See below.

It was the first shirtless workout pic of the season. Last year, it was DK and Aaron Donald this year its the Yinzer Favorite.

Then, this dude goes out and buys his dad a new truck.

Truck not pictured

How… Someone tell me how, as a Browns fan, I’m supposed to hate James Conner. The dude beat cancer, followed his dream, bough his dad a truck, and looks like a nacho cheese Dorito. It’s just all too impressive.

I have a big ol’ theory so gather round. I know James Conner is a charitable guy, but all this hype is to ensure he gets paid next contract. I don’t think he’s the type to record his actions. Once again, I take nothing away from what he’s done, but someone is in his ear telling him what to do.

Oh wait, upon further research. He said he wants to stay in Pittsburg. I MEAN COME ON. HE’S JUST A GOOD GUY. he wants to get paid, but he wants to win with the team that drafted him.

JAMES CONNER, I hate you as a Steeler, but I love you as a human.

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