Cruz Azul, Cement, and Money Laundering?

Corruption and soccer isn’t a new story. FIFA has been stuffing their pockets in sketchy ways for years now and apparently Mexico is always under a watchful eye because of bribes.

Mexico’s most popular club, Cruz Azul, is the next on list and it could be a massive problem.

Sit right there and let yer old pal James teach you about this scandal.

So, Cruz Azul is owned by…Cruz Azul which is one of the largest cement companies in the country. Mexico’s equivalent of the IRS (I got a D- in Spanish so I’m not even going to try), put a big ol’ freeze on their accounts.

Apparently, the booming cement market wasn’t enough for Cruz Azul and they had to dip their fingers in organized crime and money laundering.

Three of the Directors are being investigated for laundering over 1.2 billion pesos (55 million dollars) into offshore accounts and shell companies that Cruz Azul used to purchase real estate in the US.

Why is this a big deal for Mexican Soccer and Sports? Well faithful viewer I’ll tell you!

Cruz Azul is one of Mexico’s most popular clubs. They have won the Primera División (take that D-) 8 times. When fans think of Mexican Soccer, they are one of the first to come to mind.

There are more investigations going on, but we won’t know anything until this is all said and done, but this is an awful look that could potentially end the life of this successful club.

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