Why The Helmet With Ice Cream Is the BEST Sports Food

We’ve all been away from sport venues for too long. That got me thinking, what’s the best ballpark or stadium snack?

Is it the Bud Light that you have to take a loan out to pay for, is it buttery popcorn that covers your fingers, can’t beat a hot dog and baseball right?

Well, I think you can. CRACKER JACKS!

Just kidding, Cracker Jacks are arguably the worst snack food.

It is the Ice Cream Helmet.

Do you remember going to a baseball game as a kid and you were too young to give a damn about the game? Your parent brought back a helmet with a fat amount of whip cream and some sprinkles or Oreos if you’re lucky.

Fast forward to now, you go to the game with friends and you’ve had a few pre-game beers. You see one of those helmets go by and it calls to you. Your drunk brain tells you, “ Hey! You’re an adult with money, you can buy that!”

It is rewarding every time despite its simplicity. I mean it’s soft serve, whipped cream, and extras.

Short and simple, hot dogs are bomb, popcorn is great, cracker jacks are bags of bullshit with a dumb toy, and ice cream helmets are timeless.

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