Can The Ice Keep Its Fire

With sports slowly taking its lead back into the world, the NHL is coming back in full force, ending the regular season and heading straight into a 24-bracket playoffs. However, after a long break, can the NHL remain hot even with no fans, no home stadiums, and extra precautions?

The Bruins led the NHL by 6-points with 12 games left in the regular season before the season was put on hold due to Covid-19

As a Bruins fan I’m extremely excited to get back into the swing of things, with the Bruins winning the President’s Trophy. With sacrificing 12 games and an extremely strong season before the pandemic, the Bruins were the heavy favorite with a 6-point lead over the league. But the big question for the Bruins and the rest of the league is simple. Has the break been too long?

Without team training and no games for the past few months, how will teams fare compared to before this pandemic? Team chemistry will surely need to be reignited, along with physical fitness, mental awareness, and much more. Can the NHL reignite the same intensity and competitiveness as once was?

Especially with jumping straight into the playoffs, here’s hoping that the NHL can keep what they had before this pandemic. Here’s hoping for an incredible, yet unusual playoffs to open the sports world back up.

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