James’ Fantasy Mock Draft 1.0

Apparently I’m a submissive boy who allows the internet any opportunity to be torn apart. That being said, WELCOME TO MY MOCK DRAFT!

I figured it was about time to shake off the fantasy draft rust and dig in. So, I joined a non-ppr mock draft (#4) on Yahoo to get the wheels turning.

Let’s Take a Look


The first shining spot on my draft is that I picked Dak as my starting QB. I’m a huge boom or bust/ risk it for the biscuit guy and that’s the position I see Dak in this year.

We all know Mike McCarthy likes to air it out from his time in Green Bay. The Cowboys front office has stacked their WR core with Studs. CeeDee, Cooper, and Gallup all make me very optimistic about Dan’s fantasy value this year.

If that doesn’t pan out, I have a ton of faith in Drew Lock. He is in a similar situation where the Broncos got him enough weapons to compliment his natural talent. See also, Jerry Jeudy on my bench.


Alvin Kamara was my first overall pick. I actually ended up choosing him over Michael Thomas. This was partially due to how little I cared about the Thomas and Parker beef, but mostly because the Saints have way more options at WR now. I can easily see Thomas target rate go down from his 185 and league leading 149 receptions last year.

My RB2 is Miles Sanders. I’ll just say, I love this kid. his ceiling is so high this year. He showed last year that he is the key weapon even with the addition of Jalen Raegor.

Detroit’s Guice was a hard pick for me. I got burned by him last year, but like a sad guy who went back to his ex “it’s going to be different this time.” I love his potential and he can easily be the RB 1 in Washington… if he’s healthy.

J.K. Dobbins is second pick (after Cam Akers) for breakout rookie running back this year. Ingram is getting older. He still has value and talent, but J.K. has the ability to take over his role and potentially develop a Kamara Ingram situation in Baltimore.


Allen Robinson was a tough pick for me. I have no questions about his talent, but I do have questions about who is throwing him the ball. He needs consistency under center, to have real success. That being said, RISK IT FOR THE BISCUIT.

Terry McLaurin had a stellar year last season. I fully expect that to continue as Haskins develops. Haskins will take a huge jump this year and I think Terry will benefit from that big time.

Having John Brown on my bench makes me feel safe. The Bills drafted Josh Allen to be a QB not a RB (🚨hot take🚨). This offseason, they got him a weapon he needs by getting Diggs. Historically, we know that Diggs is inconsistent. When he slips back, John Brown rises. He will be perfect situationally.

Keeping up with my WRs with the Last name Brown, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown was a huge part of my fantasy success last year. I expect Lamar to regress this year, but I think Hollywood’s numbers will stay the same.

Jerry Jeudy is a stud. There is no denying that. The issue is, does he get the ball more than Sutton? It’s hard to say, but if he gets the ball. Jeudy will shine.


My tight end choices add up to me being a college football fan. I love me some Sooner and Gamecock football. Andrews and Hurst were dynamic together in Baltimore. They will continue to have success in separate locations. Hurts has huge potential in the ATL.

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