Devonta Freeman is a Joke

The news broke yesterday that Devonta Freeman is prepared to sit out the 2020-21 season, if he doesn’t get the contract he wants.

Let me break this whole thing down and tell you everything that’s wrong with his “bold” statement.

  1. You are a free agent that wasn’t sought after.
    • The best offer you got was 1 year 4 million from Seattle. No one was looking at your pending free agency and thinking “ ohh damn we need an injury prone running back.”
  2. You aren’t Melvin Gordon or LeVeon Bell
    1. You aren’t even close to the caliber of running back that those two are and holding out didn’t work for them, so what makes you think it’ll work for you. Oh and another thing, THEY WERE STILL ON A TEAM WHEN THEY HELD OUT.
  3. You haven’t been relevant since 2016
    • That was his last 1000 yard season. Since then, 196, 14, 184. You relied on Tevin Coleman and no one wants a running back that needs another back to shine.
  4. You are 28……
    • I’ll be the first person to cheer for a player, especially a running back, trying to get paid. This is a completely different case for me.
    • Devonta is 28. That’s like being 40 in NFL translation. He’s past his prime and is clearly on a heavy decline.

This is another case of a player who thinks they are worth backing up a Brinks truck, when really a Venmo deposit will do.

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