The $175 Million Dak Contract Made Sense

Okay okay, hear me out on this one because that title hurt me to write.

Yesterday, news broke that Dak was offered a 5 year 175 million dollar contract. This came out after his battle with the Cowboys.

I think the 175 is fair. It seems like a huge number off the batt, but it really only breaks down to 35 a year and he has some stats to add his to value.

Fact. Dak hasn’t had a losing season (take that as you will), he has been to 2 pro-bowls, and the Cowboys are building around him.

Dak isn’t that bad either! He’s not great, but he’s good. Dak is extremely average. He will win you more games than he will lose you.

They have been stockpiling weapons for the young QB. They got Dak and Zeke in the same draft, they traded for Cooper, and drafted CeeDee Lamb.

There was a wealth of QB ability in this years draft. If they didn’t believe in him, don’t you think that they would’ve drafted his replacement?

If they want Dak long term, they should give him a solid contract with big money towards the end. The QB value is only going up, especially after Mahomes sets a new bar.

Both sides need to be smart with how they are approaching this (duh). Dak shouldn’t overvalue himself. Dak, you aren’t worth 45 a year right now. Dallas, you have a good young QB. Get him a good QB coach and you’ll see better production out of the man under center.

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