Aaron Judge’s Girlfriend Is In Big Trouble

They tried to bury it, but the internet never loses.

This February, Yankees Star Aaron Judge’s girlfriend was arrested on DUI charges.

To say she handled it poorly is an understatement.

The worst part about this, is I actually started feeling bad for her. This a very private thing that became very public. Granted, there’s never an excuse to drive drunk. It’s selfish, but you can sympathize.

Theeenn she pulls the line “You don’t know the New York media? It’s the Media in New York,” and in a snap I’m immediately against her.

The officer is being polite and level headed through this whole thing and you decided to be rude because you made a mistake.

Hats off to this officer for staying level headed and to Samantha (I’m not going to try and say her last name) be a better human.

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