“Reliving” Old Sports Games Are Dumb

Being a blogger from the most dominant sports city of the past two decades has been fun (sick flex). I’ve seen my fair share of championships, legendary moments, and legendary players. Each and every one was entertaining and memorable.

That being said, if you re-watch championships or memorable games. You’re a moron.

You will never get the same feeling as you did in that first moment.

Watching Vinitari nail field goals to win multiple super goals. Amazing in real life, boring the second time. Being able to watch Kobe put up 81 against the Raptors was legendary, but it doesn’t hold the same value.

This is a heavy trend in Boston, especially with the serious lack of sports. Do you really need to “relive” every single championship? Spoiler alert, you won, the moments don’t hold the same value, get over it.

We live in an age where you can watch clips that a 12 year old, puts up of any moment in history. I get appreciating how good someone was in college or in the past when people wasn’t alive, but championships are only good in the moment.

The same people who re-watch these games, still rub one to pictures of their ex. It was good while it lasted, but it’ll never feel the same you sad son of a bitch.

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