I Couldn’t Care Less About the Brady v. Manning Golf Match

Are we that desperate for sports? I get watching German Soccer. Hell, I even understand watching Korean baseball, but this… this is moronic.

Someone please tell me why I should care to watch two pro golfers rematch with a retired NFL player and an NFL player that should be retired? There’s no point

Don’t try to white knight me and say that it’s good for charity. I love charity, charity is great for many reasons. If I’m these four men, who by the way have amassed a metric fuckton of money in the span of their careers, I would just donate it.

There is nothing going on right now. You can just golf and not put up all this hype.

“No James though don’t get it, it’s two sets of rivals facing off its gonna be epic.”

That up there. That’s you chirping me about rivalries that don’t matter anymore.

Speaking of chirping, this is the hype video the PGA tweeted…

In case you didn’t know, Tiger Woods is a professional golfer, as evident by the clubs strategically placed in his Zoom window. Tiger is the dude at the party who sees a guitar and starts playing wonder wall because he has the personality of a tree stump.

This whole thing is the dumbest display of “competition” I’ve seen and I’d rather watch Korean Baseball in reverse 500 times over, than watch this.

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