Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar are Confirmed IDIOTS

Have you ever seen that move, “Fun With Dick and Jane”? It’s an unbelievably average movie about a couple who is forced to start robbing stores after they get screwed by a company.


Last night, these two players had arrest warrants put out for them in the state of Florida for holding someone up at gun point at a party.

They allegedly got away with thousands of dollars and jewelry.

The big shining question here is, why? Why would a first rounder from last year need to rob someone. See below

That’s a lot of money. You couldn’t have been that desperate for cash.

Don’t think you got away Dunbar, no no, you have just as much to answer

There were also alleged reports that Baker asked a friend to shoot someone, he didn’t because someone had one single brain cell kicking, but if he did we would’ve been down a different path. Florida loves the electric chair and if that dude pulled the trigger, both him and Baker would’ve been zapped.

None of this makes sense to me, but NFL players don’t make sense sometimes. You see crazy stuff like this every year. It’ll keep happening and you can be damn sure, that I’ll keep writing about it. Thanks for the content, enjoy jail.

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