Who Has Won Quarantine Entertainment? Tiger King vs. The Last Dance

The documentaries that spawned a million memes.

A gay, drug dealing, lion breeding, reality star facing off against the GOAT and the end of a dynasty. You would’ve never thought this matchup to be possible, but then one day a guy in Wuhan eats a bat and we are all locked inside.

Let’s weigh in

Tiger King

Tiger King was the OG of this quarantine. Joe Exotic captivated all of us. You never really knew what he was going to do next.

Watching the Joe vs. Carole Baskin (that goddamn bitch) saga wasn’t even the most entertaining part of this documentary.

Joe Exotic acted like you gave a thirteen-year-old a million dollars. Fist the tigers, then the guns, then he runs for president and mayor. You really don’t know is what’s coming next.

The Last Dance

This is the documentary that sport fans have been waiting for.

Sports fans have waited for anything to gather around and watch. ESPN delivered with 2 hours of drama every Sunday.

The Last Dance, follows the 97-98 Bulls and recaps Jordan’s illustrious career as he finishes his last season with the Bulls.

The all access look at the collapse of a dynasty has been highly anticipated and beyond entertaining.

Final Thoughts:

These two documentaries came out at pivotal times in a pandemic. Tiger King helped us settle into quarantine and gave us entertainment in a dark time.

The Last Dance has been there when it looked as if there was no end in sight. While white people yell about not being able to get bad haircuts, ESPN helped the rest of us survive the end of days.

I don’t really know where I stand on a debate I started, but I think I have to side with Tiger King. The quotes and memes have made it a staple of 2020.

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