Andy Dalton Thoughts 101

Hello good and glorious BOTA World! For having no sports currently going on the NFL has been a hotspot for the recent draft, trades, big free agent signings, and much more but I thought I would chime in with a little Andy Dalton talk.

Disclaimer here to start that I am not a Andy Dalton fan nor am I a Cowboys fan (thank you god for blessing me with this gift), but nonetheless, our fiery Dalton should be the starter for the Cowboys for a few reasons.

First and foremost, Dalton was paid before Dak Prescott… for a sixteenth of what Prescott is asking. For making four decent throws a year and handing the ball off to Ezekiel Elliot most the time, Dak is asking for a hell of a lot from the Cowboys to still barely make the playoffs. So why should they bother? Use Dalton and get the most out of the signing. Sure Dalton doesn’t have the best stats in the league, but was he ever really given a chance? Dalton was placed right in the shit-hole the minute he stepped into the league. As the Bengals fell further and further into the abyss, Dalton was there riding the wave as that was all that could be done. And then the Bengals cut him out like it was all his fault. Now he has options, he has multiple receivers to throw to, an above average line to protect him, and a top-tier running back. Give the kid a chance and watch the money-grabber Dak crawl back realizing he isn’t worth $40 million per year.

Two, DALTON AND HIS RED-FIRE HAIR IN AN ICE-BLUE JERSEY WOULD BE UNREAL. We will see a whole new side of Dalton as fire and ice battle each other to see who conquers the fate of destiny. Dalton and his hair will be fuming while the Cowboy’s ice-blue jerseys will be the ultimate test of who rises to the top. Every game will be a test of Dalton’s strength. Will he let the fuming fire rage on or will the blue keep him cam and collected. We may never know.

Three. Fuck Dak. I may be biased but let’s be honest. Dak is a subpar quarterback at best and deserves to be paid like one. I can’t stand these players in the NFL now who just keep reaching and reaching for as much money as humanly possible to be paid just so they can “top the charts” and be the highest paid player. Dak has proven to the Cowboys and the NFL again and again that he is nothing without Zeke and the structure that Zeke brings to the team. Dak is a mere pawn and knows it, but is exploiting it to the fullest just for a payday.

All in all, (after my crazy rant) I do hope Dalton gets a chance. I have no reason to dislike nor like the man so give him a chance. Dak is also a smart man in the sense where he knows he has the Cowboys in his palm and I truly believe the Cowboys will fall to his will and pay him the ridiculous amount he wants. And if that happens, all I can say is congrats to Jerry Jones, you just got played by the worst player on that team.

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