Alex Smith Should Call it Quits

Alex Smith has had a hell of a roller coaster career. He was the number one overall pick out of Utah in 2005. Then he lost his job to Colin Kaepernick and was shipped out to Kansas City. In KC, he groomed Pat Mahomes to be the star that he is today. He would be traded to the Redskins in 2018 and suffered a severe leg fracture in November.

Pictures have been circulating recently of his leg and I’m not going to share them. To be blunt, they’re fucking gross. No one needed to see that and if you’re a weirdo on the Internet who wanted to see it, you’re the second worst kind of person.

It is 2020, where does Alex go from here? He hasn’t played in two years and you could call it three because he won’t play this year. He is 35 which in football years is 60 (in dog years it’s 245 and that’s outlandish). Yet he still wants to come back.

Alex Smith has something to prove to someone out there and he’s going to die doing it. Your body isn’t there anymore Alex. You’re just going to get injured again and even if you don’t, that previous injury will linger in your mind.

Well Alex, you’re an idiot. You’ve had a hell of a career. You groomed the future face of the company, you were perennially in the playoffs. I guess that last one doesn’t play for the Redskins, but no one blames you for not bringing Washington in to the playoffs.

I’m not saying leave the game behind, you clearly have a talent. What I’m trying to say is take a different role. Be a quarter backs coach, be an offensive coordinator, be some form of coach. You are a born leader. Your body can’t continue in the game.

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