Jameis and His Eyes

Jameis Winston somehow managed to simultaneously have the best and worst season last year in the NFL. He threw 33 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. Famous Jameis defined 50/50 ball.

This offseason, he underwent Lasik to fix his broken little eyes. It wasn’t enough for Bruce Arians. They moved on to the GOAT and Jameis found a home in New Orleans.

This is all well and good and I hope for a great future in the black and gold, but there’s something that bugs me.

“I can read license plates. I can read street signs…”

I’m sorry, what?

This dude made it through 25 years of life, was a number one pick, and played 5 NFL seasons… and he couldn’t read street signs?

How did this go under everyone’s radar in the draft? No one gave him contacts? The man was just throwing up balls and hoping Evans or Godwin were there. He was a younger version of Eli Manning!

Jameis, I love you as a player. You were amazing at FSU and you feed me content, but please don’t let quotes like this come out.

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