A Soggi Perspective: The Truth Comes Out

You should really give this interview a listen BOTA World. Tom Brady was interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio channel on Sirius XM.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, I feel like this whole Brady situation has gone by the wayside. If you haven’t you really should give this interview a listen. If you want to hear Brady like you’ve never heard him before, this is for you. Now, there are a lot of cool stories and explinations of things that have happened over his career, but the one thing that should get everyone’s attention is when he explained why he chose to leave the Patriots.

During the interview, Brady explained to Stern that he knew before the 2019 season that it would be his last in New England. Yeah. Brady knew that he was done with the Patriots before he played a single snap for the team. With that information in mind, that puts everything else from this season into perspective. The signing of Antonio Brown, getting Ben Watson back on the team. All of the Gronk talk, will he un-retire, will he not? All of it now makes perfect sense. The whole team knew he was done. Once the injuries piled up, Brady gave up. He said himself on the interview that he had nothing left to prove in New England. Why try and give life and limb for a team you knew you were going to leave after the season was over?

Here’s a thought. What if the Patriots had beaten the Titans? What if they had moved on, and beaten the Ravens and Chiefs to make it to the Super Bowl? What if they had won? A lot of what if’s, understandable. But just hear me out. Does he then change his mind if they win it all? Does Tom Brady remain a Patriot if he had won his 7th ring? What if the team stayed healthy the entire season? You see, there a lot of questions that can be asked of the 2019-2020 Patriots season. I could go on and on with them, but this is the question everyone should be asking themselves: If Brady knows he was done with the Patriots before the season starts, why the mind games?

Besides all of the Patriots talk, it’s really nice to hear Brady just air everything out. Deep down, I will always love Brady for what he’s done for the team. And listening to the interview puts a lot of his life and accomplishments into perspective for the average joe. It also puts a lot of his shortcomings into perspective as well. If you want to understand Tom Brady as a person, rather than just a football player, give this a listen.

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