Jalen Hurts is in a Better Position Than You Think

I’ll be the first person to admit this. I did not think Hurts would end up in Philly. However, it was a weird draft for QBs ( looking at you Jordan Love and Jake Fromm).

I’ve had some time to digest Phillys decision and it’s the best for both sides. Jalen will be a starter, just not in Philly.

They keep saying how they will use him like a Taysom Hill type of player, which discredits how talented he is. I don’t buy that for a second. The Eagles front office realizes that they have a very talented starter. They also see that he has a history of injuries.

Give Jalen some time to work under Wentz and learn and he will grow into his full potential and when Wentz inevitably goes down, Jalen can step into the light. Push them as far as he can while their starter heals.

I can hear it now, the media roaring about a starter controversy. “Who does Peterson start?” Cant wait for that story line to fill my news feed. I’ll spoil the ending for you. They will choose Carson because he is a refined passer and trade Jalen for some draft capital.

For the record, I don’t think that’s the right move. I think Hurts will be a phenomenal QB in the NFL, but they know how good Wentz can be.

Of course, this is all speculation and Hurts could end up buried for years and become the next Jimmy G in San Francisco, but I’ll tel you now, Hurts will be in the MVP conversation in 2 years.

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