A Soggi Perspective: Are the Patriots Becoming….Stale?

These are your new away jerseys Pats fans. These seem fimiliar, don’t they?

It seems as though the Patriots were ready for more change than we thought. Yesterday, our hometown bois announced that they would be wearing some new threads starting next season. As everyone eagerly awaited the drop, the team decided to lay and ABSOLUTE SHIT on everyone. The new home jerseys are now the stupid color rush jerseys. The away jerseys are nice. Don’t get me wrong, I like both jerseys. But where the hell is the creativity people? These jerseys have been around for ages. Let’s not forget, both the home and away jerseys are just derivatives of an older, redder, Patriots jersey.

Hmm… these look familiar, don’t they?

Now, like I said previously, I like both of the “new” jerseys. Will I buy them? Most likely. But goddamn, I was hoping they’d at least try and come up with something new. As the old dad saying goes, I’m not mad. I’m just very disappointed. But hey, at least we don’t look like Atlanta. Those jerseys are, to put this very lightly, absolute poopy trash.

I really hate myself for saying this, but I think the Patriots are stale. I’m glad they moved on from Brady, and I am anxious to see where this team is headed. I really have no idea how they are going to manage this upcoming season, nor do I know who will be leading the offense. Realistically, I see them being a 9-7 team, with a bottom 10 offense and middle of the road defense. I want this team to win. But they need to learn how to do that without most of their key players. That team last year, their whole shtick was just offputting. I loved how great their defense was. Until they started marketing it. The offense had so much potential, until Brady had no one to throw it to. The offensive line was troubled all year because David Andrews was missing, and Isaiah Wynn was not up to speed. A lot of things were adding up over the course of that season, and it all culminated into one, terrible loss in the playoffs against the Titans.

I hope that Belichick has enough left in his coaching tank to be able to pull the Patriots out of the hole they dug themselves in. I really think it is time for a shift on the offense. They should start building up their running attack, and possibly acquiring a better back. Sony Michel is not the answer. However, Leonard Fournette is on the block, and boy, would I love to see him in Red White and Blue. Patriots fans, let me hear what you have to say. Do you like the jerseys? How do you think the Pats will fair next season? Let me know, Soggi Boi loves him some hot takes.

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