Reaction to the Browns New Uniforms

I have been waiting for this day for months. Looking at concept art and rumors to scratch my itch.

Let me give you the play by play.

I look at the clock. 11:58… I’m waiting eagerly. Finally, it’s 12…and I have to wait more. Fuck those extra two minutes by the way. They have an awesome intro with a mix of the old footage of Clay Matthews Jr. and Jim Brown with the current stars like Baker and Myles.

I immediately went to NFL shop and bought the white Baker jersey which is arguably the best out of them.

I love the retro feel to them. The all white is super clean and the “color” rush is still alive. Honestly, I just feel blessed that it isn’t this monstrosity.

If they revealed that, I would’ve revoked my fandom. That thing is just… awful.

If I had to put them in the rankings of New Jersey’s, they do sit in the middle unfortunately. I really like the Bucs and I hate the Falcons. Who thought those Atlanta jerseys were a good idea?

Anyone who was expecting something flashy doesn’t understand what the Browns stand for. We are a working class team. You can’t expect flash and glitter. The Browns have grit. We have been in the trenches. We aren’t Ferrari’s we are a reliable truck that your dad passed down to you.

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