Why Hasn’t Rashard Higgins Been Signed

My fellow Browns fans know who this man is. He was Mr. Reliable on a team of studs. He was Hollywood on a team of Celebrities. He had a down year in 2019 after showing his worth in 2018, but for some reason, every team has slept on Higgins.

The Browns have been focused on making short term deals for stars happen while seemingly neglecting building a bench.

I’m not saying Higgins is a #1 receive, but he’s worth more attention than the free agency market has given him.

The Bills kicked the tires on Higgins, but nothing came from it. If I was the Bills, I would have given Hollywood the chance. The mix of Diggs, Higgins, and Brown sounds like a legit core for a young developing QB.

Higgins is the perfect accent to any receiving core. He is at his best when he is in the red zone. He has a 60% catch rate for all passes and on the Browns, got the separation he needed to score in big time scenarios.

I could even see the Patriots replacing Philip Dorsett with Higgins. I fully believe Higgins is a better receiver and Good ol’ Bill could get him at a good price.

I can keep rambling, but I’ll keep circling the same point. SOME ONE SIGN HOLLYWOOD.

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