The Relationship Between Gobert and Mitchell is Beyond Repair

Do you guys remember that time Rudy Gobert got Coronavirus and shut down every league? Seems like so long ago. I was young, naive, and employed….

Shutting down every professional sports league is equal parts impressive and horrifying, but it takes it’s toll on a relationship.

Rudy making jokes about the virus and appearing nonchalant about the pandemic led to him spreading the virus through the locker room and infecting their star guard Donovan Mitchell. Which in turn, caused tension in the locker room.

Since that, trade rumors have been discussed and Goberts time with the Jazz seems limited.

Whenever we inevitably return to sports, Gobert will not be with the Jazz. You want to keep your star happy especially if he’s a top 25 player.

My closing advice to Dennis Lindsey, cut or trade Gobert and save the chemistry of the team. Although he is a good player, Mitchell is the leader. Mitchell is a star.

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