I’m All In For The MLB Restructure

Earlier this week, it was leaked that the MLB is proposing to modify the structure of the league to allow for a 2020 season to be played in the land of Cactus and Old people, Arizona.

One of the biggest points of the proposal is not allowing fans into the stadiums. That shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

(James A.D.D. Side track incoming)

Accept this now folks, there will be a period where we watch games at home to mitigate (woah big word) the spread of the disease.

My favorite part of this whole proposal is the league realignment. To make this whole thing work, they condensed the divisions and mixed up NL and AL teams to give us a cocktail of baseball joy. (See below)

The Red Sox and the Braves, the Nationals and the Astros, the Padres and the Mariners! Okay, that last one isn’t that exciting, but the potential to see these teams play most of the year is amazing!

I can look at every division and be pumped about some matchup within. Except for the damn Yankees. Somehow they get a free ride into the playoffs.

Keep in mind, this is only a proposal and the MLB has refused to commit to anything because they are old and hate change. If this does go through, be excited! This could reshape the league to be miles more entertaining.

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