Cass Money Chronicles: The Best Scenario For The Red Sox

What up BOTA World! Hope your quarantine is treating you all well. About two weeks into my quarantine and all I can say is I’ve gone completely insane, learned how much I hate Madden 20, gained at least 50lbs, and so much more negative news. But with sports still being postponed it’s time we brought up the best option for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox are currently a train wreck and with the current state of sports, the best possible option for the Sox is that the season gets cancelled.

Imagine that, the Red Sox could bypass this whole cluster-fuck by just not playing! GENIUS! Hire me to your front office dammit! But in all reality, it really is the best case scenario for the team. Let this season go, get Sale back next year, possibly Mookie, possibly a reputable manager, and skip right over the rebuilding process into next season.

It’s honestly music to my ears. Why face your shitty problems right now when you can just let Coronavirus do it for you and postpone all your problems which may magically disappear? I’m in and you should be too.

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