The Bucs New Uniforms are Spicy Hot and My Theory About New NFL Uniforms

God that was a long title, but all of it leads to the beautiful new Bucs jerseys. Thankfully, this drop of jerseys wasn’t as bad as other more notable flops of releases in recent times. (See below)

Yeah I know that is a college jersey, but it’s a big name school. Literally. Michigan State made sure you knew which Michigan team was playing because color differences aren’t enough.

Tampa Bay unveiled the new uniforms yesterday (below) to give us a little light in these dark times. They are all amazing, but that black and red is pure art. It captures the “pirate” attitude perfectly.

Let’s not forget about those home jerseys. That pattern and color scheme may look familiar. That’s because it’s a remade version of their 2003 Super Bowl Jerseys. The Bucs are ready to go back to the Super Bowl with the help of the GOAT and these uniforms.

The 2003 throwback got my quarantine brain kicking. Side note, how weird is it that 2003 is considered a throwback? Anyway, Where were we? Quarantine brain! That’s right!

The Bucs have these throwbacks, but they also have the old creamsicle uniforms that they wore last year, The Falcons brought back the Dirty Bird, and Edelman posted on ig wearing a throwback Patriots jersey.

Do you get where I’m going yet? Retro. The NFL is going retro.

I think that the NFL will replace the Thursday night Color Rush jerseys for Retro uniforms. For the record, I’m all in for this idea.

Could you imagine the Titans Getting their Oiler Jerseys or the eagles wearing the Kelly Green? It’s pure ecstasy.

I have never wanted to be right about something more than I have wanted to be right about this.

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