Chris Godwin is a Beta

After posting what is arguably the worst photoshop I’ve seen in many moons, Chris Godwin has announced that he will be giving us number to Tom Brady.


You are going to let this man come into your house and take your number? I get that Tom is the Greatest QB we’ve seen so far, but you’re just going to hand him your number?

He’s not even keeping the number, Tom is renting it. When he’s done in two years, you’re going to be left with the number 14.


Let’s go back to how you announced it though. Why is Tom so pumped about a handshake? It just doesn’t make sense.

This man came into your home, ate dinner, and then slept in your bed. Your response was to buy the home two doors down?


Chris Godwin, I lost a lot of respect for you. Still gonna draft you though.

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