Stop Complaining About Chris Sale’s Surgery

Let’s get into this, it doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter if Chris Sale had Tommy John surgery. He’s a multi-million dollar athlete who needs this to perform at the highest level.

Yes, we are dealing with a pandemic on a scale that my generation has ever seen. Yes, it is an elective surgery, but he is a top level athlete who needs to have this surgery to be able to do his job.

The biggest arguments are that the doctor could’ve been re-allocated to help sick patients Or that he took up a hospital bed.

It was a private practice and I’m not sure how doctors and specialist work, but I’m almost certain it’s not a one size fits all situation.

Chris Sale did what he needed to do so he could return to play at a high level. I understand that it should be an after thought for most people, but he isn’t most people.

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