Is Shaq In Deep Waters?

Shaq (left) posing with Joe Exotic

Hello BOTA World! Coming at you live from a small little town that SHOULD BE A GHOST-TOWN but yet still seems to be quite busy. Anyways, as I am immunosuppressed from a kidney transplant, I’ve been stuck in my house for what feels like too long now.

But enough about me! This quarantine has given me some time to reflect on the good things in life, like not hoarding 277 big cats and threatening to kill everyone around you while shooting at their feet. This got me thinking though (for those that have watched Tiger King. For those that haven’t I haven’t decided whether this will be a spoiler or not so good luck) about a sports icon. Shaquille O’Neal May be in some deep, deep waters after this quarantine subsides.

Now Shaq made an appearance on the show for “buying” two tiger cubs. What the show is based off of consists of the illegal activities that took place upon these rescues, sanctuaries, and zoos. This instantly lands Shaq in some trouble when the document finally comes out. However, Shaq claims that he never “bought” the cubs, he “sponsored” them instead.

Still the point resides that Shaq was at one point, friendly with one of the most psychotic gay-redneck-gun-toting-mullet-wearing-big-cat-savin’ man TJ ever walk the planet. So that in itself begs the question to me; how is Shaq not being eaten alive for this?

Personally, I love Shaq, but this is not a good look for the man. Not that he really needs to care what people think of him, but after this documentary, he had to land in some trouble by someone for a bit. Right? The police, his job, his wife? SOMEONE!

Anyways if you’re looking for the most crazy documentary to get through your quarantine I highly suggest watching Tiger King. And to Shaq and the BOTA fans out there, as always, stay safe and away from big cats and there psychotic owners.

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