Tiger King is What 2020 Needed

Let’s break down 2020 so far. Day 1 we thought we were going into world war 3. Then the entire country of Australia lit a blaze. We tragically lost Kobe in a helicopter crash. Now we are here with a mix of Coronavirus slamming us and a meme of the Black guys massive unit.

With how awful this year has been, we needed some bright spot. All entertainment is gone.

Netflix gifted us all with the golden light that is Tiger King.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, Tiger King is a documentary that revolves around three tiger “sanctuaries” with questionable practices.

On the surface, it’s straight forward, but ohhh boy it’s a roller coaster. The three sanctuaries are led by a gay country singer who feeds his employees old Walmart meat, a woman who killed her husband, and a dude who has a vegetarian sex cult.

It’s a roller coaster every episode, but the highlight is the battle between Joe Exotic and Carrol Baskin.

If you haven’t yet, please go to Joe’s YouTube and watch his videos Here . It’s worth every single minute. The dude is a psycho.

The one thing that no one is talking about, only my Florida peeps will get this, Carrol met her husband walking down Nebraska Ave. Dude. Nebraska Ave is a dump, if you’re walking down that, you are looking for drugs or hookers. Carrol was doing one of those two things and was offered a gun.

Anyway, make your day better and watch it. It makes you feel better about your life.

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