Why Couldn’t Someone Else Cancel the Olympics?

Coronavirus is a pretty big deal. It’s pretty important, kinda scary.

I honestly don’t blame the IOC for canceling the Olympics. They are going to postpone the Tokyo 2020. This is a crisis, and measures must be taken.

If they left it open, it’s just asking to spread the disease rapidly across the globe.

So James, what’s the issue? The issue is the person that announced it.

Of all people to have to announce something, DICK POUND THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO SPEAK.

I get that he is trying to do something for the sake of the country, but maybe don’t. Could you just pass the buck to someone else? Someone with a name that doesn’t sound like a made up porn star?

Wait. Just go by Richard! Dude. Awful choice for a public figure. If anyone googles your name, we are running the risk of looking at mutilation.

Thanks for trying to save the world Dicky boy, let someone else handle it next time…

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