Brian Hoyer. Please stop.

Just a few moments ago, it was announced that Brian Hoyer would rejoin the Patriots.

The Patriots brought him on for his third stint to help their depth at QB. Which makes some sense, but I only have one question.

Why would you do this to yourself Brian?

You know that they aren’t going to keep you. It’s a vicious circle of signing and then cutting you, Over and over.

You are also at the end of your career. Is this how you want to go out? They’re going to draft a replacement and you’ll be cut again. I mean Bill O’Brien is dumb enough to sign you again, but you deserve better than this.

Now for the Patriots, there are so many young options out there. Clear some cap and sign Jameis. Lasik Jameis is a new man.

Brian, retire and end it before you ruin whatever legacy you have.

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