The Next Big Trade Belongs to the 49ers

I’ve had this festering feeling in my gut that another trade is around the corner. I have been looking over numbers and names and I think I found out who is going to be traded next.

I’ll start with the team. The 49ers are in the best position to trade away a first round pick. They got another one from the Buckner trade, so right now the 49ers have the 13th and 31st pick.

The big glaring issue is that they don’t have any other picks until the 5th round. So what should they do? Trade a first round pick and try to get some late round picks and a player? Yes!

Now, who is it going to be? Well they need WR help, so I can think of someone they were going after last year that didn’t workout….

OBJ!!!! Yes folks, I could see them sending a first rounder and some other pieces for this man right here.

Do I still think he is worth a first round pick? No. Will someone still give up a first round pick for him? Yes.

I personally believe that the 49ers should draft CeeDee Lamb, but I have faith they will go after the “superstar” that OBJ thinks he is. But as a Browns fan, I would love to see the Browns get a young stud to work with Jarvis.

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