The Browns Offseason… So Far

This is our time Dawg Pound. The regular season is always disappointing, but this time of year is special. It gives us hope, it gives us joy, it gives us a promise of a brighter future. We never get that brighter future, but let’s enjoy the present! After all, it’s called the present for a reason.

I apologize for how dumb that last sentence was, but fuck it! Let’s go!

Austin Hooper

Arguably the biggest free agent signing for us this season, Austin Hooper should be able to fill the gaps that Njoku leaves.

He is coming off of a career high season in catches (76), receiving yards (786), and touchdowns downs (6). He did this over 13 games which is something that has always worried me about Hooper. He has had multiple injury plagued seasons which has held him back.

Hooper also seems to lack the strength of Kittle, Kelce, or Ertz. Despite his lack in strength, he is a great blocker and finds ways to get open.

Having a Tight End that can properly block and catch gives Baker more options to spread the field and give him time in the pocket.

Final Thoughts and Grade: B+

I think we over paid for him, but that’s what happens when you’re the only Tight End on the Market. He will become a valuable asset to Stefanski’s offense and diversifies our offense.

Jack Conklin

Jack was on the top of my wish list. It was not a secret that our offensive line was hot trash last year. Our tackles were basically nonexistent so bringing Conklin in helps fill one of those.

He is only 25 and we locked him up until he is 28. If he performs half as well as he did in Tennessee we got ourselves a line stud.

His strengths are in run blocking which is where we should focus our offense. The Browns have a workhorse in Nick Chubb, give him a powerful line and watch what he does.

The thing that scares me is his ACL. He tore it in the 2017 playoffs and carried into 2018. He bounced back and had a stellar season last year ranking 8th among tackles.

Final Thoughts and Grade: A

Jack Conklin will become a pivotal part of our line if he can stay healthy. I’m glad Berry went out and paid for protection.

Case Keenum

This one seems questionable, but I have a theory about this signing.

Baker is our future QB. He has had ups and downs, but Stefanski believes in him. We all do. Now, who has Baker had to compete with? Garret Gilbert? Drew Stanton? Neither have had success past being a journeyman QB. Keenum has had minimal success, but still some success.

This signing was to make Baker feel like he is competing for his spot because if he starts slipping, Case will win you a couple games. On the other end of it, Keenum can give Baker some needed veteran advice and guidance.

Final Thoughts and Grade: B+

As we saw last year with Drew Brees, you should pay a back up. If the worst case scenario happens, you need a solid backup. I guess you could say the Browns are ready for the best Case scenario.

Andy Janovich

Andrew Berry traded for Janovich by sending Denver a 7th round pick. I love this pick up.

Stefanski’s offense runs his offense with a lot of fullback looks. Look at CJ Ham! He had a Pro Bowl season in a league where Full Backs are a dying breed.

Browns fans, remember the last full back we got from Denver?

Final Thoughts and Grade: A

Andy has been a hard nose player that can protect and get you solid yards off a short run. Having an extra blocker to protect Baker is vital to our long term success.

I love what we have done so far. Andrew Berry has addressed most of our major needs and set us up well for the draft. I don’t think he’s done yet, but I’ll write about what I think is next for the Browns soon.

Andrew Berry we salute you for this offseason. You have brought joy to a Pandemic world.

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