Does The Coronavirus Cup Feel Good as a Fan?

With every season being suspended or potentially canceled, we are now in a weird place. What do we do with these seasons that have almost fully run its course.

March Madness is done and there’s no way we get a replacement tournament. Yet, the ACC crowned Florida State as champions of their division without playing their tournament.

The NHL season wants to resume, we want it to resume, but if it doesn’t then the Bruins will be your Stanley Cup Champions.

The Premier League is suspended for now, and teams have come out saying that they support giving Liverpool the trophy. This is where I’m most torn honestly.

Liverpool has been my favorite team for as long as I can remember and their last league title came before I was born (1989-90). I wanted them to win this year, it was destined to be theirs, but not like this.

It doesn’t feel right. You shouldn’t have parades or celebrations. If any team heavily celebrates their “win”, they are assholes and deserve all the ridicule and backlash.

Think of the Stanley Cup. It’s always a wild ride. It’s one of the few tournaments in sports where you never really know who wins. If you hand the Bruins the trophy, it means nothing. It’ll be marked with a big ol’ Asterix.

As fans, we should not be satisfied with the Corona cup. We should want an extended season that gracefully transfers us into the NFL offseason.

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