What Sport Will Coronavirus Take Next?

Well, here we go again. I thought I got rid of you Corona. I figured you were canceled after those post I found, but here we are again. You’ve taken everything from us. By everything, I mean the NBA.

Last night, Rudy Gobert was found to have coronavirus which led to them canceling the Jazz, Thunder game.

Rudy, you’re an asshole for what you did by making fun of the virus two nights before. Karma kinda kicked you in the manhood.

Now, the whole NBA has suspended their season until further notice and this is only the first major domino to fall.

The NHL is debating canceling practices, Spanish La Liga has suspended play, Serie A has been playing infront of no fans and this is only the start.

We have to face the inevitability that the coronavirus is going to cancel opening day and the Summer Olympics.

I love baseball so that hurts, but I feel for every athlete who has worked countless hours for this rare chance. All of that is gone if this pandemic continues. That is the reality we are facing. You can’t hold events where the entire world gathers, if there is a major illness affecting the world.

As I am writing this, the NCAA has announced that entertainment tournaments will be held without fans. This completely defeats the feel of college basketball. Again, I get it, but how are we going to get upsets if there are no rowdy fans? This is going to be the worst tournament in history all because of this damn virus.

I do not think that the virus is a big deal, however I am a 25 year old healthy adult. We are looking at the sport an economic costs outweighing a physical toll. In a time where we need something to bring us together, this virus is tearing us apart.

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