The Next Seven Days are the Most Important in Patriots History

We are one week away from the most pivotal decision in Patriots history. On March 16th we will know if Tom Brady is finishing his career as a Patriot.

For months we have all been speculating the “will he, won’t he” of Tom leaving. Whatever side of that he lands on, it is still the biggest decision in Patriots history.

If he stays, the Patriots are drafting the quarterback that will have to replace the goat. There is a wealth of talent ready in this draft, it just comes down to who is ready to fill that gap.

That is the best case scenario for New England. Him staying and giving a young gun time to develop will ensure that they can maintain some kind of success.

If Tom leaves, all hell breaks loose. They will have to draft, trade, or sign someone who is ready to go day one. That means Andy Dalton could be at the helm. After all, the Patriots believe he has “untapped potential”… at 32.

It really seems like we are living in a BOTA twilight zone. Every quarterback we made fun of during the year, is now connected to the Patriots. Besides Andy Dalton, there is Marcus Mariota, Dak Prescott, and even Jameis Winston

When Tom leaves, the Patriots are heading towards a heavy downward spiral. The team is looking at a full rebuild with not enough capital or picks to do so. Tom leaving will mark the end of the Dynasty.

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