James Tribute to #Internationalwomensday with Women Crushing Sports

Welcome to international women’s day 2020 folks. 2019 treated us to some of the most badass women in sports which continued into this year. I wanted to share some of my favorite Women in Sports who have smashed the glass ceiling.

US Women’s National Team

As some of you know, soccer is my favorite sport. What better way to start this blog off than with the most dominant team in the world. The US Women’s National Soccer Team.

The US has been a force of nature since the 90s but this team has been different winning a gold medal and two world cups in the past ten years.

They would and could stand against any men’s national team and shine. They have become the bar of what soccer should be in America. Unfortunately, the pay gap hasn’t reflected their abilities and accomplishments.

Their 2019 World Cup campaign was marked by their battle to be paid fairly for their accomplishments. There is so much more I can talk about, but there are so many women I have to recognize, but know this, they will continue to dominates me inspire for years to come.

University of South Carolina Women’s Basketball

Before we even start this, if you call it USC you have never left South Carolina. Southern California has that title.

With that out of the way, let’s recognize what these women have done. They took down the mighty UConn women to take the number one spot in the country.

Dawn Staley has made this program the most dominant force in NCAA women’s basketball. She started this year by not allowing the players to use social media to avoid distractions. Upon hearing about their fans on social media, Staley allowed them to use social media and flourish. We should all watch as they are bound to play UConn again.

While we are talking about Women’s College Basketball…

Sabrina Ionescu

You are looking at the number one overall pick in the upcoming WNBA draft. Sabrina Ionescu is a dominant force that NCAA basketball has never seen.

She is the first player, make or female, to break 2k points, 1k rebounds, and 1k assists. That’s actually insane and impressive. With every single player that has played in the NBA and WNBA that passed through college, none of them did what Sabrina has done.

Sabrina spoke at Kobe’s memorial as he was her mentor and friend. He saw the spark that Sabrina possesses and let her flame burn. She could become the new standard for Basketball players everywhere.

It is amazing to see all these women crush the status quo. Sports are for everyone to enjoy and participate in and there are so many more women that we should all appreciate. However, there is not enough space on the internet to write about them all. We should appreciate

3 thoughts on “James Tribute to #Internationalwomensday with Women Crushing Sports

  1. Great tribute, but I would have added Simone Biles. She has smashed records and is considered one of the greatest athlete’s (not just “women athletes”) of all time.


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