Cass Money Chronicles: Are The Red Sox A Lost Cause?

Hello BOTA World! I’m back! So I’ve been doing some hardcore thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Red Sox are a mess. With the Sox still unsure of many things halfway through spring training, where do we lie amongst the other teams?

Truth is, the Red Sox are beyond a lost cause this season. Fact of the matter is even with a potentially strong team, we can’t expect the team to exceed expectations through this hot mess of a offseason. The Red Sox may have the fire in their eyes, but they will not have what it takes to perform at a top-tier level this season. With Mookie Betts, David Price, and Brock Holt gone, the Red Sox need to find how to adapt without these key pieces, especially Mookie and Holt.

On paper, the Sox still look like they could be a threat, but with Chris Sale battling an injury that should have been fixed years ago, a struggling clubhouse and front office, and many mixed chemistries that have yet to align, the Red Sox don’t stand a fighting chance this season.

Next season will be a different story, but expect this season to be a disaster of bad rotations, overworked and under-appreciated players, and many emotions fuming throughout the season. Is a disaster what the Sox need to get back to World Series form? Who knows but for now it’s the best we can expect from a team that has looked into the gates of hell.

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