Were the 49ers robbed?/NBA Traffic Report!

The answer will be clear in this article. No they lost fair and square and really beat themselves.

So Chiefs won, Tom Brady coming back, and the NFL had the nerve to play a football game at at J-Lo and Shakira concert? Unbelievable, so what now?

NBA basketball baby, it’s time, and for once people can be excited. Why?! Cause now the race to the NBA championship is open for all. I’m talking about seven lane Highway to the NBA finals. If your coming from the East you got light traffic. If your coming from the West your traffic is looking heavy from the jump.

We are halfway through the NBA season so let’s look at the traffic report. In the Eastern conference it looks like pretty light traffic as the Bucks are off to a fast and hot first half of the season with the 1 seed in the east, leagues best record and with at least 6 games ahead of the two seed. Not to mention Giannas Antetokounmpo steering the ship and putting up MVP numbers.

Then we have the Defending champs Raptors looking like a team that want respect after winning its franchise first championship. Next are the boys who bleed green.

The Boston Celtics seem to contend every year with different personnel l, different coaches and different stars. After losing Kyrie Irving and obtaining Kemba walker, people said that’s a downgrade. Well downgrade or not; the new additions have been balling and players on the team have elevated their game. With all that’s going for then the Celtics hold a top sport in the Eastern Conference with high potential in the playoffs to come out of the East.

Who likes Miami Beach? Well if your in Miami you gotta do more than check the beaches and scenery cause The Heat are coming in as the 4 seed under the leadership of Jimmy Butler. Now this team is looking likes hidden gem in the east. Cause the heat can score, defend, and compete with the best. Oh and who can forget the rookies Tyler Herro and Kendrick nunn. If this team can come out the East, then Tyler Herro will be Miami’s Hero.

The traffic is still light with some teams not picking up the right speed. I’m talking the 76ers and Pacers. The Pacers has been through a lot with their rosters, keeping their front court intact with Myles and Sabonis. But have been waiting for the return of their all-star Victor Olidipo.

The 76ers had a lot of buzz coming in with the addition of Al Horford and losing to the Raptors by a ridiculous shot to send them home. But what’s holding them back? Well looks like some injuries are piling up, lack of aggression, and some internal controversy. Team chemistry might not be where it needs to be. Whether that be the case or not, the 76ers needs to fix it quick as they have all the tools to make a run at the NBA championship.

Now for the traffic report in the West. Seems like the traffic is heavy and all roads to the NBA finals goes through Los Angeles.

How can traffic be so heavy? Well in first place you got a franchise that’s just been energized with the presence of Lebron James. Also with him is Anthony Davis who is an all-world talent, good medal , 3-time All-NBA, and more. Not to mention his crew, with Kuzma , Rondo, Danny Green, and whole bunch of other players with playoff success and talent. The Los Angeles Lakers are looking like the team to beat.

Los Angelos is a big city, big enough to have two teams? In fact they are and the Los Angeles Clippers do not care about whose next door making all the noise. For years the Clippers have been the little brother to the Lakers. Well with the addition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers are stepping up and saying they got next for that NBA championship. But not just the additions of two superstars have made them the favorites ; during the season The clippers have acquired Marcus Morris Jr and Reggie Jackson, two seasoned veterans. The Clippers got deeper and a whole lot scarier.

But we are in the West. I mean the Wild Wild West. So there’s always a team that can sneak up and out of the West. The Denver Nuggets could be that team. This team is oozing with talent, and star power to make a run in the playoffs. If this team can stay healthy and get things clicking offensively and defensively they could be a dark horse candidate to come out the West.

The 4 and 5 seed in the West are always neck to neck with similar records. Those seeds belong to the Rockets and Utah Jazz.

The Rockets are team competing every year ever since the addition of James Harden. This year could be their year. The dynamic duo of Russell Westbrook and James harden could be to much for any backcourt in the West. If this team gets hot at the right moment, look out and grab an umbrella it will be raining threes.

Who has seen the Eiffel Tower? Well look no further if you go to a Jazz game you will find one posted in the paint. What I’m getting to is the Jazz led offensively by Donavan Mitchell and defensively by All-Star big Rudy Gobert is a top 5 team in the west. The Jazz have a decent roster to compliment their stars as well. Winning on the road will be key for the Jazz if they want to make a run!

A lot was said , mentioned a lot of teams, and mentioned some players. But there’s some unanswered questions that need to be answered when we reach the end of the season. But with all that being said I’m gonna pass back to the guys back at the studio for weather.

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