The 49ers Trading for Tom Brady is a Backwards Move

The latest Tom Brady trade rumor is spicy, super hot, and moronic. Tom E. Curran has openly spoke about a trade between the Patriots and 49ers where they would swap QBs.

Key word in my title is “trade.” I think that the Patriots might be planning a sign and trade deal.

It is beyond dumb for multiple reasons. The biggest is that it is two huge steps back for the 49ers. This is a team that made the Super Bowl last year. Why would you trade the guy who helped you get there?

Jimmy had spurts of being average, but wasn’t that bad overall. Giving him up for a guy that only has two years max left makes no sense. He can still be molded into a great QB, so potentially him going back to the Patriots would be amazing for his career.

Tom has clearly lost his big deep throw ability. How do you expect to utilize guys like Deebo Samuel or Emanuel Sanders (if he stays) to stretch the deep third of the field if your QB can’t get you there.

The 49ers are also a run heavy team. They live and die by the run game. This benefits Tom, but I really don’t think it’ll suit his game. He loves the pass and has never wanted to lean on the run.

Last, Tom is way less attractive than Jimmy. That dude is a stud. It’s honestly not fair and would be a massive loss for the city of San Francisco.

Mark my words folks. If the 49ers trade for Tom they will not make the Super Bowl. Hell you know what, they won’t make the playoffs.

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