Julian Edelman is a Crazy Girlfriend

You all know that feeling when you just aren’t into someone as much as they’re into you? The significant other will start doing crazy things to keep you around, but you are distracted by something. Maybe something younger, flashier, and bit of a dark side. (your welcome raiders)

Right now, Tom Brady is the half of the relationship that wants out and Julian Edelman is grasping on to straws.

Late last week, we saw Julian and Tom hanging out at the Syracuse basketball game. Julian proclaimed “he’s coming back,” to which Tom looked away awkwardly and said some nondescript mumbles.

I didn’t look into that too much, but then I was attacked.

Let me paint a picture for you. There I was scrolling through Instagram allowing my mind to numb. Scrolling and scrolling until…it happened.


No one is wearing this shirt except for 40 year old ladies at the 99 who are indulging in popcorn and Sam Adams.

No normal human, even a millionaire, does this. It’s strange. It’s not alright.

Is it a political shirt? Is it a return Tom shirt? It’s neither of them, but also both. It’s confusing, weird, and just scary. Julian get some help, it’s over man.

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