The Franchise Tag is Moronic

The title says it all. The franchise tag is the dumbest move for NFL teams.

Ideally, the franchise tag allows a team to get more time to negotiate a contract with a potential star or it gives them time to sign the player while they negotiate other contracts. In reality, it seems like the teams are holding players hostage.

The Bengals just announced that they would be using the franchise tag on AJ Green. He is one of the most productive wide receivers (when he’s on the field) and should just get paid. The Bengals know that he wants a chance to win and is miserable on that awful team. They still believe that they can tag him and make him happy. They can’t.

Think back to Le’Veon Bell. He refuse to sign his franchise tag that the Steelers put on him because he wanted to get paid. Pittsburg wasn’t going to do that as shown by the two other times they tagged him.

Then there are players like Hunter Henry or Yannick Ngakoue who it makes more sense to tag. This is the only benefit I will give to this dumb ability. Henry has been injury prone to say the least, but is brilliant on the field. As for Yannick, the Jags know they can trade him. So, the sign and trade makes sense for their development. I still don’t see it working out that way, why would a team trade high value for a star when they could wait and sign him to a contract ?

There is much else to say about this, so I’ll wrap it up. By holding a player hostage, you develop a distain and distrust in the player-team relationship. For the Bengals, franchise tagging AJ doesn’t fix anything. Franchise tagging anyone doesn’t fix anything. Pay them what they deserve

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