Jayson Tatum is the best player in his class! You can Wright that off!

Oh I spelled write wrong? Look at you , future spelling bee champ. But seriously, if you know then you know why I spelled “write” wrong.

Talk show host and sports television personality commented on Tatum’s recent play after All-Star Break. Nick Wright commented on Tatum’s big game against the LA Lakers, where they come out with a loss, but received high praise from social media, the basketball world, and LeBron James himself. Nick Wright must of been unimpressed or talking about another Jayson Tatum. His comments were that Jayson Tatum was , “a leap and a half away from being a superstar and a half a leap away from a star.”

Tatum’s averages before the break were :
21.5 PTS
43.5% FG
36.6% 3PT
3.9 FTA

That to me constitutes a star especially when your team is a top team in the league.

Tatum’s averages after The break :
29.4 PTS
50.0% FG
47.9% 3PT
7.1 FTA

A clear major jump showing that he is a superstar putting up numbers against Lebron , Kawhi and more. Not only that his rebounds and blocks are going up as well. He’s also showing his defensive ability , proving he’s an all around player.

If you ask me Nick Wright had a very cold take. I doubt Jayson heard it too cause he knew and we all knew he was capable of this. It was only just a matter of time.

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