Stop Sleeping on Jalen Hurts

If you have read my past blogs, you know I’m an Oklahoma fan and a big fan of Jalen Hurts. So, imagine my horror when yesterday I saw that a reporter asked him if he would be doing drills at different positions… Excuse me?

Jalen Hurts is the most driven QB I’ve seen in a few years and will be a great NFL quarterback. To ask him to be a receiver is mental to me.

If you look at his scouting report, the knocks against him are there. Arm accuracy, Decision making, and anticipation are his down marks.

His upside out weighs any of that. He has an insane poise in the pocket which ties into his awareness. If you watched any Oklahoma game last year, you would see that he seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and would remain calm with the pocket collapsing. He’s got a hell of an arm which helped CeeDee Lamb’s draft stock. Finally, he will kill you with his mobility if you give him a window.

The Draft positions on him are all over the board. Some people have him going on day one others day three. I’m not saying that Jalen Hurts should be the Number one pick, but to ask him to play WR is moronic. You are drafting a player that may not be able to start day one, but will be able to develop under a strong veteran.

Watch for teams like the Saints, Patriots, maybe even the Vikings, to pick up this kid. He has shown that he’s a proven winner and the veterans on these teams make it so he can develop into a great NFL QB.

Keep checking in to the blog for my pre-draft people I’m watching. I’ll have two more articles soon about some sleepers that I love so watch out for that and thank you for supporting us. Stay beautiful

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