Toni Grossi is Now Public Enemy Number One

Ohhh boy here comes another fiery James take for my Browns fans out there.

As some of you may have heard, Toni Grossi once again went after Baker today calling our boy a “fucking midget” when he thought he was off air. He was saying this in reference to us passing on Joe Burrow, Deshaun Watson, and other taller QBs.

These two have had a speckled past already. If you remember, Baker walked out of a press conference after Grossi asked about Bakers “lack of urgency.” There are a few more instances, but this troll has me fired up to defend my boy so let’s get into it.


By definition you’re wrong. You Rat.

Grossi doesn’t like our savior Baker which is fine. WRONG, but fine. He is entitled to his opinion as an American reporter. Sick. My issue is that Baker is clearly taller than him so how does it make sense to call him a midget?

Toni Grossi you are a rat, what you did was unprofessional and dumb. If you are going to work for ESPN act like you know how to be slightly professional. I am just an amateur blogger with a hot headed personality, so the picture below will be my final response. Have a good day, Rat.

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