A Soggi Perspective: Is Kyle Dubas the Worst GM in the League?

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That’s a shit eating grin if I’ve ever saw one.

Following the aftermath of what was a crazy Trade Deadline day in the NHL, one person in particular has been getting a lot of heat for not only his lack of moves, but for being a complete schmuck. Just looking at some of the transactions that he made yesterday makes my eyes bleed. Not to mention, this is the same team that just got stonewalled by THEIR OWN ZAMBONI DRIVER. That’s right folks. Their own zamboni driver beat them in an NHL hockey game, one that counted nonetheless. Now, that doesn’t directly reflect on him, but come on. Your team is out there dogging it against a man that cleans up after you between periods. My man David Ayers did the hockey world a favor and helped Carolina to a win against the Leafs. This is a direct quote from Dubas on the loss to David Ayers and the Hurricanes the other night:

“If we won the game, that would be embarrassing as well, because you’re down 4-1 and then it would be a whole other set of controversy that would come up. Like, ‘Ah geez, the Maple Leafs’ [beat their] own employee.’ We were in a no-win situation.”

Kyle Dubas, GM of the Maple Leafs

What I am concerned with however, is how terribly the Maple Leafs are structured, and why they would make a trade well knowing they were only getting a 5th round pick for what they gave up. The trade I am talking about specifically is the Robin Lehner trade. This went down as a 3 team trade between Toronto, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Chicago traded Lehner to Toronto, retaining 50% of his salary. Toronto then proceeded to trade him to Vegas. Chicago received Malcolm Subban and prospect Slava Demin. Vegas, in addition to receiving Lehner, received prospect Martins Dzierkals from Toronto. Toronto only received a 5th round pick. Toronto received a 5th round pick in exchange for a prospect and retaining 1.1 million in salary from Robin Lehner. What the hell even is that? Why bother doing that? What kind of value are you getting by giving up valuable cap space AND a prospect? I would love to get inside Dubas’ mind and figure out what the hell was going on?

What I would also like to know is why 60% of active players salary held up with 4 players. What the shit is that Dubas? You’re putting way to many eggs in one basket here by betting on only 4 players. Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander. Those 4 players are not going to win you a Stanley Cup. Spend some more money on your defense! Maybe if you didn’t let up so many goals, you’d win more games! The team has letup 210 goals on the season. That stat is good for 4th worst in the league. Anyone want to hear some teams that have less goals against? San Jose, Chicago, Anaheim, and Los Angeles to name a few. That sucks. You can score goals like a motherfucker, but when you get to the playoffs and everything tightens up, offensive teams, like the Maple Leafs, crumble. Picking up someone like Calle Rosen is good for depth, but you have to have a serviceable defense before you can start talking about DEPTH. Come on Dubas. Try and make it at least a little interesting for hockey fans that want to see Original Six match-ups. Or, like myself, want to see the Maple Leafs continue to bow out in the first round, as is so often the case.

In summary, Dubas is a dipshit. He is going to miss out on his team’s window by tinkering with these stupid trades. He needs to figure out his payroll situation, get rid of some dead money, and for the love of God, don’t talk to the media before making sure what you are saying doesn’t make you look like COMPLETELY incompetent. The worst GM in the League award may just go to you, dumbass.

One thought on “A Soggi Perspective: Is Kyle Dubas the Worst GM in the League?

  1. Second worse gm. John Ferguson jr was worst. Dubas. Add the disease ms and you have dumbass

    Where is Lou l? In the second round. Kyle dumbass is wet behind the ears. A punk. A shinny hockey coach


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