Red Sox vs. Yankees is a Dead Rivalry

I want to take you back to a simpler time, 2004. This alcohol and chipotle fueled man was just a young boy with a bad haircut in elementary school. He didn’t know how the world worked, but he knew that he hated the Yankees.

It was so easy back then. A-rod became a villain after he flipped the Red Sox off by last minute signing with the Yankees for a fat amount of money. This led to fights (as pictured above), A-rod slapping a ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s hand, Pedro fighting the whole dugout and just a general hate between them.

Fast forward to the last incidence of Red Sox Yankee hate, 2018. Joe Kelly got in a fist fight with Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge played New York New York in the halls after their playoff matchup. You’d think that would be enough to spark a fire, right?

WRONG, YOU’RE WRONG AND EVERYONE HATES YOU. This rivalry is dead, it’s done, finished, see ya, ladies and gentlemen it’s over. Besides a few sparks of hate, this rivalry doesn’t carry any weight and not because “baseball is a dying sport.” It’s because there aren’t any guys to hate on either side.

No one for Sox fans to hate like A-rod or Posada. No one for the Yankee fans to hate like Pedro or Manny. I hate hate hate the Yankees because that’s a hate I grew up with, but young fans don’t have to hate them, Aaron Judge is great and makes the game fun. The worst player I can think of is Brett Gardener. I don’t even care about that, he’s just got a big head.

On the other side, there are moments to hate the Sox, but guys like Raffy or Benny aren’t evil. They are crowd pleasers. I mean come on, have you seen Raffy and his fat little cheeks?

This rivalry is done and if you want it to be hot again, give both sides more villains. Rant done.

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