NFL Combine Players to Watch: Offense Edition

Ladies and male ladies, that magical time is again upon us. A time where the next wave of NFL hopefuls get to showcase their abilities and athleticism. I’m talking abou the NFL combine of course! Now with the combine comes a slew of young talent, generally too many players to keep track of, and that’s why ya boy Royce is here to give you a peek at which offensive bois to keep your eye on for the next week:


1. Jordan Love: Attracting a lot of attention and has the potential to be a high 1st round pick. Is he what a lot of experts think he is? 

2. Justin Herbert: Was potentiality the #1 pick before the college season started, but showed a lot of downsides this season. Combine can help get his stock back up. 

3. Jake Fromm: I loved Fromm at the beginning of the season, but he had a not-so-great year. I still think he is a first round talent and a potential face of a franchise.

Running Back:

1. Jonathan Taylor: A lot of experts think he is not the best back in the draft and I disagree with them. I cannot wait for Taylor to prove them wrong. 

2. Cam Akers: Had an incredible season at Florida State. With Etienne and Hubbard going back, he has the potential to make a big splash

3. AJ Dillion: This is a biased pick. I loved watching him at BC and am excited to see what he does in the NFL.

Wide Receiver:

1. Jerry Jeudy: I do not need to say anything about this one. 

2. Justin Jefferson: Had an incredible playoff run with LSU and a huge game in the championship to rise on draft boards. Was it Burrow or is he legit? 

3. Denzel Mims: Big body athlete who can go up and get the ball! He does have a few downsides which I think have been hurting his stock. 

Tight End: 

1. Cole Kmet: Great receiving threat and can run the route tree effectively. His problem could be his blocking which some teams value very highly.

2. Thaddeus Moss: The name is helping boosting his stock, but I do think he should have went back to LSU. Will the combine make or break him? 

3. Albert Okwuegbunam: He was the top tight end in the class before the season. He did not have a great season, so hopefully the combine can help him get back to where he was on draft boards. 

Offensive Tackles:

1. Andrew Thomas: The most well-rounded tackle in the class. He is starting to fall on draft boards and I don’t know why. The combine will help increase his stock. 

2. Tristian Wirfs: A lot of experts think his shorter arms could be an issue at the next level, but I disagree. I think Wirfs is the 2nd best tackle in this draft. 

3. Mekhi Becton: Came out of nowhere and is skyrocketing up draft boards. 6’7” and almost 400 pounds with a lot of strength, so I can see where all the hype is coming from.

Interior Offensive Lineman:

1. Tyler Biadasz: No clue why he is falling on boards. The best center and overall interior o-line man in the draft. Just needs the combine to back him up. 

2. Shane Lemieux: A lot of strength and was a big part of that offensive line at Oregon. He is a late 2nd/early 3rd in my eyes, but has the potential to be a franchise guard. 

3. Cesar Ruiz: Ruiz is exactly what you want from from an interior lineman. He has played center and guard, so you can move him around. He also has the strength and mobility to help his draft stock. 

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