How the Patriots Can Revamp Their Offense

The NFL draft and free agency is just around the corner. The 2020 Patriots have a Plethora of holes to fill this offseason and will need to utilize every asset this offseason to ensure that they can return to their dominant status once again.


Obviously, the best choice here is to bring back Tom Brady. Tom won’t be here forever though, this is the draft where they start planning for the future. 

Names like Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason are fantastic talents that are going to fall late in the First round of the draft or even to the second round. I honestly think that waiting for Jake Fromm or Cole McDonald in the later rounds would fit their system better. Both are talented young arms that would do wonders with a couple years under Brady. By drafting a late round Quarterback, it alleviates the pressure to have a young quarterback that wants to start in the first week. 

Tight End

The Patriots clearly missed Gronk after last year. This off-season is primed for them to land a talented tight end. This doesn’t mean that they need to draft a stud tight end right now. There are some high profile names that are on the trade block and free agency. 

Austin Hooper is the biggest name that is going to be a free agent this off-season. However, I doubt the Patriots are going to pay 15 million for his contract. It’s much more likely that they pursue Jordan Reed in the off-season. Although he is injury prone, 

I think trading is the best option for the time being. One name that stands out is David Njoku. He is not going to fit the new Browns offense because he is more of a reviving tight end as opposed to a hybrid blocking type. The Patriots wouldn’t have to give up a lot of talent to get him either. It would probably cost some late round picks. 

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t talk about the draft. One name to watch in the late rounds is Thaddeus Moss. Yes, he is the son of Randy. Yes, it would be awesome to have Brady finish his career with another Moss. It is more than that though, Moss showed that he can step up in big games during the College Football Playoff. He is a Red zone threat that could be a steal. 

Wide Receiver

I said this last year, but N’keal Harry is going to be one of the best players out of the 2019 NFL draft. He will be returning to this season fully healthy and ready to be the weapon he was at Arizona State. Which is what Tom Brady wants, more money and more weapons. An aging Julian Edelman might still be versatile, but is nearing the end of his career. So what do the Patriots do?

They could go for a big name like AJ green. Aj would give them a true number one receiver and a big play option. The only problem is his list of injuries. Could he stay healthy enough to give the offense a fighting chance? If I’m being honest, no. Tom doesn’t seem to have the deep pass ability he once did and that’s where AJ proves his worth.

The Patriots would be better off going after someone like Emanuel Sanders. Some of the same injury concerns, but as we all saw in the playoffs, Emanuel still has big play ability. He can operate in the slot and as a deep threat. 

I seriously doubt that the Patriots would grab another Wide Receiver this draft after getting N’keal last year, but this is a deep class with names like Laviska Shenault JR. who will fall to a later pick, you could see them steal a fast young Receiver. 

I list all these as an outside perspective, if you try to predict what Bill is going to in the draft. That is why he is the greatest coach of all time. He could find some kid in the combine who swept the back room at Market Basket, but runs a 4.2 40. He is a draft mastermind and he could pick anyone or sign any player. Only time will tell.

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