Fury vs Wilder: Trilogy?

Things are getting heated!!!!!

Heavyweight boxing, this is what people love to see. A heavyweight championship rematch between two undefeated fighters, when does something like that come around? MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with stars coming in to see who will be the WBC Heavyweight Champion. The first time Tyson Fury and Deontae Wilder fought it ended in a controversial tie with many thinking Wilder should of won.

At the beginning of the fight it looked pretty even with the two heavyweights fighters. But when round two came around; anyone who’s a fan of boxing saw some fatigue when watching Wilder move around the ring. At that point Fury was leading the score with more landed punches and just taking out the lungs of Wilder.

Third round and on, it was Fury’s boxing match to lose. Wilder looked tired, form was sluggish with other significant problems. After Wilder was knocked down in the third round, blood started to show. Wilder left ear was clearly bleeding after the third round knockdown. With his left ear bleeding, his balance was off and equilibrium was looking shaky.

As the rounds went on Wilder aggressiveness was fading and fury was letting him have it.

Fury would then win 7-round TKO , after Wilder corner would throw in the towel.

It’s pretty frustrating for the gamblers, the paper view buyers and Wilder himself as he questioned why his camp threw in the towel. But I don’t see this as the end to the story between these two great fighters.

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